A Little Bottle of Science (not Magic)

Dr Shirota, the scientist who created Yakult, believed that true health stemmed from both physical fitness and mental wellbeing. The ‘Science of You’ campaign embodied the history and vision of Yakult offering body and mind orientated rewards via a campaign that ran on 2.5 million packs of the probiotic dairy product.

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Upon redeeming a free sports or wellbeing session consumers were encouraged to engage with the brand via a campaign microsite educating customers through an interactive quiz on what activities can help their body and why. By entertaining them and educating them about parts of the body and the benefits of each sport and wellbeing reward.

Design routes rejected by Dr Shirota​


In addition to the boost in sales, consumer engagement with the Yakult brand was significant. Many of those who visited the reward website stayed to enjoy its content. The bounce rate on the website was extremely low at just 23% and the average time spent on the site was around six minutes. What’s more, 10% of visitors took the time to complete our playful quiz on the human body. "In a market declining by -4% in the promotional period Yakult saw a +2% increase in sales – a combined upward swing of +6%"

“The ‘Science of You’ campaign celebrates wellbeing and the science the human body, connects the brand with our core values while also helping us deliver on our business objectives.”

Reshma Patel, marketing manager at Yakult UK & Ireland