Gaming content makes for a large percentage of content on Youtube. Microsoft wanted to capitalise on this and remove the barrier for those who would like to record, edit and upload their best gaming moments. Upload Studio shipped with the Xbox One console release and the editor enables you to be more creative with your own videos, as well as work with effects from some of your favourite games.


An incubation project at Microsoft Studios involved creating an interface and brand identity for the app. The brief was to make a mark that is bold and typographical, referencing games without looking like an actual game logo. There were discussions about creating a Xbox TV channel identity before the console was released and the app name was finalised. The chosen logotype's focal point is the upward arrow formed by the letter ‘A’. Earlier explorations of this are shown below.

User interface

Collaborating within a focus group, user journeys were mapped, wireframes designed and the product thoroughly tested before being integrated into the Xbox platform.


Upload turned into a multi-million user service that continues to be used by the world's Xbox One community.