Reimagining Retail

Maplin's recent rebrand included the unveiling of a new concept store in Cambridge's Beehive Centre. The revamped space featured a new layout with clear shopping sections guiding customers to touch screen kiosks, fundamental in moving from a passive to omnichannel retail experience. Their ambition was to attract a wider audience and hone its product range to focus on the rapidly growing smart home technology.

Empower the customer

Integral to the transformation were the 'Smart Life' and 'Play Table' tablets that were coupled next to working products. This delivered a much more tactile experience for the customer, enabling them to discover what the product is about and how it can bring value to their lives.

Building Smart Life

In-depth user interface workshops were conducted to clarify the user's journey and identify known project risks. With the help of prototypes and user feedback sessions, improvements were reviewed and iterated as the project progressed. Seamless and effective collaboration between all stakeholders was essential for efficient delivery.

Driving engagement

Staff are able to cast content onto the screen, empowering them to inspire, inform and have a more connecting conversation with the customer.


Customer dwell time
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Uplift in footfall
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Increase in sales
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