Kraftwerk: Autobahn

kraftwerk-autobahn1 kraftwerk-autobahn2

(Vertigo) 1974 (uncredited designer)

Wire Issue #231 (May 03) Inner Sleeve: Peter Saville

My friend Malcolm Garrett [of Assorted Images] introduced me to Kraftwerk’s Autobahn in 1974. I was so impressed with the 30 minute title track that I had to have a copy of my own. Not only did the music have a profound influence on me, the sleeve made a lasting impression – the appropriated road sign symbolising the excitement and romance of travelling through Europe. It was my introduction to semiotics, and inspired a use of visual codes that I would develop later through Factory Records. Peter Saville was house designer at Factory records during the 1980s. — I read Wolfgang Flur’s autobiography ‘I Was A Robot‘ some years ago which was an interesting insight into the drummers life with Kraftwerk. I remember there being several black and white photos tucked away in the centre of the book. I was searching for a shot of the band members neon name-plates and found these images below

Original Book Cover

Ralf & Florian


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