Olive Harvest

'Shake to win' campaign first launched to celebrate the Filippo Berio's 150th anniversary. It centred around customers shaking a virtual tree by utilising smartphone shake-motion detection technology. Players could join the olive harvest and make olives fall from the tree before choosing an olive to reveal a prize. There were over 2,000 prizes to be won, the ultimate being a once in a lifetime trip to Lucca, Tuscany, the home of Filippo Berio. To maintain customer engagement, other Italian inspired prizes were given away daily.


The “Shake to win” was only promoted on the Filippo Berio Facebook and Instagram pages. The response was incredible and word of the promotion spread rapidly.


The promotion ran for just one month and achieved three times its anticipated performance across all social media metrics. 10% of people (close to 60,000) engaged by clicking, reacting, commenting and sharing. There were 43,245 prize draw entries, representing a 73% increase on targets set. Amazingly, in a time when consumers are more cautious about sharing their data, 41% of players opted to receive future marketing communications and close to 18,000 requested newsletters.

“We had to bring it back! After the results of the 2017 campaign and the strength of the game idea, it’s a great combination of fun and engagement which has customers coming back to play the game every day!”

Lisa Mullins, Marketing Manager, Filippo Berio UK Ltd


Institute of Promotional Marketing (IPM) Awards


Best creative


Best consumer engagement


Best consumer products (food)


Best use of small budget