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City AM newspaper set me the task of illustrating a news story recently. Within a half a day I had to provide a couple of basic ideas for how I might present these designs on their website. I chose a story about Visa’s contactless transactions in Europe and here are the results:


I wanted to use the iconic dove hologram synonymous with Visa cards, so after a bit of searching I discovered that in 1978, during the course of a meeting about travellers cheques, a Jeffries’ designer named Kurt Roald came up with a design idea. He took a pencil and began sketching a bird in flight. To turn the concept into a polished image, the design team found a real dove and photographer and they set to work.


The image above wasn’t of high enough quality to use so I had to enlarge during scanning and then make a half tone screen effect using horizontal lines, that are less visible on the final image above:


Layering two copies of the dove  images and changing blend and opacity modes gave some holographic depth and movement. Addinginto the mix the Visa/Euro blue, European flag, the OCR-A font – still found on card today – along with the symbol for contactless payment resulted in these alternatives:



Then after picking out some of the salient points within the article, I had the idea of making some infographic diagrams that couldpotentially be used to support the article

cam1 copy






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