Tú Cuentas

BBVA’s Tú Cuentas online personal finance management service was launched in 2008. Allowing BBVA customers to see their account balances and transactions from different providers in one place, categorise their transactions, and make personalised product offers. The layout and functionality of Tú Cuentas can be fully customised by customers. Four months after launch, one-third of the bank’s customers are using Tú Cuentas.

Money Strands services

'Tú Cuentas' was a rebrand of a proprietary piece of online banking software created by Strands Lab.

To make the service a long-term success, BBVA capitalized on cross-sell opportunities, offered the service to non-clients, and added more functionality.

"Tú Cuentas is a fascinating test bed of Web site innovation in retail financial services that eBusiness and channel strategy professionals at other financial firms should follow."​