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After moving to a new house there was a period of time when I lived without a TV aerial. This meant using the BBC News app and after a few days it struck me how awkwardly designed the user experience is. After being rejected earlier in year for a ‘User Experience Designer’ role I wanted to put this post together to request some improvements:


A BBC blog post claims the design enables quick and simple discovery of video and text content. I’m inclined to disagree due to the unnecessary navigational step that exacerbates the friction of navigating between news stories in text.

[vc_video link=””]


Not being able to advance to the next story is just wrong. Instead a user has to first go back to the menu (one remote control click) and then choose another story (two remote control clicks). So ten news stories means twenty navigations instead of ten. With lots of slow clunky page loads back and forth and wait times in-between. 

This would have been better for user to flow:





The experience of browsing video content is equally frustrating. The layout comprises of a full screen video with controls overlaid in a block:

_90074314_ef584fdc-642b-400d-8bf1-3949ee5526fb (1)


To get to the ‘MORE BBC NEWS’ tile in the bottom right hand corner, you have to make three navigations. The first takes you to the play/pause button, which is a navigation that’s possible using the remote control keypad and therefore a waste of space obstacle. The second navigation takes you to an ‘i’ for information square, which if selected brings up a summary in text of the news clip playing. Finally, the third click brings the user to the the tile where they can advance to the next story.



This is terrible user interface design effecting the overall user experience and is really frustrating:

27628 (1)

Surely something like this would be better?



A carousel of stories at the foot of the page, initially hidden and only displayed upon navigating down with the remote control? I’ve moved the title to the top and removed the pause/play button.

The feedback I received for my application to the post of User Experience Designer:



Note to self. Explore user research further.






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